Functional Medicine- Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

As a Health Care Provider, I am able to, analyze, and interpret laboratory data for my patients. Functional Medicine is an approach to medicine that is becoming increasingly popular. Broadly speaking, it considers the whole, individual person – body, mind, spirit, and all aspects of lifestyle – and uses appropriate therapies, both conventional and complementary, intuitive and scientific, to support patients in a return to health.

Functional medicine is particularly useful for complex, chronic health problems. Before coming to me, many of my patients have already taken considerable measures to become informed about their conditions and symptoms. They have done what they’ve been told to do to get better, but a return to full health has still eluded them.

I believe that surface symptoms can’t always tell the whole story, which is where thoughtful and comprehensive lab testing – with results interpreted from a Functional Medicine viewpoint – becomes essential. I use sophisticated laboratory testing (blood / urine / saliva / stool) to gain unique insight into the likely underlying causes of your health issues.


The lab testing I recommend is not used to diagnose illness but to identify values that stray away from optimal ranges – and to identify underlying causes of illness. I will explain the results of these tests to you and provide you with a specific, targeted wellness plan that usually consists of specific dietary changes, lifestyle adjustments, and supplements, with the aim of helping you to get better, faster.  Click the button below to learn more about Functional Medicine and how to book an initial free phone consultation.

Herbal Medicine and Nutritional Supplements

In many instances we use herbal medicines and supplements to assist with the treatment of our patients. These herbal formulas and individual herbs are an effective element of, and, in some cases, an essential component of the treatment protocol in patients that we see.  All of the herbal medicine products prescribed in our clinic are rated cGMP (current good manufacturing procedures) according the FDA.   



The practice of acupuncture dates back several thousand years and has been used by various cultures worldwide to treat a wide range of medical conditions, to include, common colds, headaches, asthma, low back, and knee pain.  Acupuncture is  also commonly used as an effective means to prevent illness.  Acupuncture involves the insertion of extremely thin filiform needles into specific point locations that have been demonstrated to effectively treat specific conditions.  While the procedure is relatively painless most people report the sensation of a "dull ache" which is caused by acupuncture point stimulation.  Following an acupuncture treatment session most patients feel calm and relaxed, both body and mind.



NeuroAcupuncture is a unique combination of Western biomedical neurology in coordination with Chinese needling techniques to offer treatment of many neurological conditions including but not limited to: stroke, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, autism, cerebral palsy, paralysis, complex regional pain syndrome, fibromyalgia, and more.  Dr. Mills has completed an extensive internship including NeuroAcupuncture with certified instructor Dr. Sandjaya Trikadibusana, MD, PhD, LAc at SouthBaylo University in greater Los Angeles.


Auricular Acupuncture (ear acupuncture) is a treatment modality in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  In AcuDetox specific auricular acupoints are stimulated that have been demonstrated to be effective in reducing compulsive behaviors and cravings.

This method is known to activate the vagus nerve, stimulate the release of endorphins and helps regulate serotonin and dopamine in the brain.  This type of acupuncture stimulation provides deep relaxation and is restorative to the patient during the process of healing.  


AcuDetox is commonly used in support of patient weight loss and smoking cessation treatments.  Please contact us to discuss this treatment method and determine if this is a service you would benefit from.

 "My initial experience with this treatment method was in 1999 in Chicago. A group of patients I was working with were recieving AcuDetox for substance abuse from an acupuncturist at a community health clinic.  Both they and I were amazed at the effectiveness of this treatment."  -Dr. Aaron M. Mills, DACM, MSAOM, L.Ac. 



Cupping is a treatment that has gained much media attention and has recently increased in popularity.  Many Olympic athletes have utilized this therapeutic treatment to help with a variety of conditions.  Cupping therapy consists of applying a cup to the skin and increasing the pressure in the cup by creating a vacuum using heat or suctioning out the air.  The cupping pressure causes the skin and superficial muscle layer to be drawn into and held in the cup which often is used to relieve pain and tenderness in the region being treated. 


Gua Sha

Gua Sha is a treatment technique of traditional East Asian medicine.   Gua Sha consists of unidirectional press-rubbing a lubricated area of the body surface with a special tool to intentionally create transitory therapeutic effect on the skin, referred to as  ‘sha’.

Modern research suggests Gua Sha produces an anti-inflammatory and immune protective effect that persists for days following a single treatment. This accounts for its effect on pain, stiffness, fever, chill, cough, wheezing, nausea and vomiting, and is why Gua Sha is effective in acute and chronic internal organ disorders including liver inflammation in hepatitis.


Rates (Insurance is accepted, must be verified in advance)
HSA/FSA accounts accepted ask about cash pay services.
(Virtual Care Functional Medicine Available Only. Information Below For Reference Only) 


Initial Consultation: 1.5-2 hours - $170.oo

  • Tongue Evaluation

  • Pulse Diagnostics

  •  Acupuncture Treatment

  • Herbal Recommendations as appropriate

  • Cupping or Gua Sha as needed

  • Plan for course of treatment

  •  Educational Materials


Follow-Up Consultations: 1 hour -  $100.oo

  •     Tongue Evaluation

  •     Pulse Diagnostics

  •     Acupuncture Treatment

  •     Herbal Recommendations as appropriate*

  •     Cupping or Gua Sha as needed

* Herbal Medicine Consultation: 30 mins- $75.oo

* Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis: 30 mins- $150.oo ($200.oo for 1hr)

* Lab Fees and Herbs/Supplements are available for an additional amount (individualized).



"I highly recommend working with Dr. Mills of MILLSAcupuncture. He is a skillful practitioner who took time to get to know me, my body and my unique situation. I always felt relaxed, heard and welcome in his office. Initially, I contacted Dr. Mills to facilitate getting my body in great shape to handle pregnancy and to increase fertility. The benefits of seeing him consistently have been incredible. My body feels healthier, more relaxed and my chronic constipation issue went away completely. Its a miracle. I am deeply grateful for his time, services, open minded approach and humor."

Alison C.- Business Owner

"I go to Dr. Aaron for my allergies and asthma. He is always very thorough and takes the time to understand not just my symptoms, but also my eating habits and my state of mind at the time. He gives great acupuncture treatments that provide relief right away and has given me some fantastic herbs that allow me to reduce the amount of steroid inhaler I have to take. He also talks about ways I can modify my eating habits to reinforce the effects of the treatment and herbs. Finding a good acupuncturist isn’t easy; I’ve seen dozens of different people. I trust Dr. Mills completely – so much that I drive to San Diego from LA to see him!"

Elizabeth W. - CEO 

I've had chronic life-long GI and sinus problems that no one else has been able to help.  After my first session with Dr. Mills there was immediate and substantial improvement. I also received immediate benefits for a painful hand condition resulting from work-related repetitive motion. I would highly recommend Dr. Mills. Plus he's gentle and makes the session relaxing.

Nadine S.- Business Owner

Highly recommend checking out Dr. Aaron Mills at MILLSAcupuncture if you are either curious about trying Acupuncture or if you are in need of a smart, reliable, nice and expert acupuncturist! 


I’ve been going for a few months now and every time I leave the appointment, I leave feeling very relaxed and in tune with my body and health. He does extensive health evaluations where he really works to heal certain parts of your body that need the most healing during that appointment. 


His practice is located in Encinitas right off Santa Fe Dr. - 1011 Devonshire and it’s a perfect spot to also head down to the 101 to eat food or go to the beach when you’re done with your appointment!

Genevieve S.- Sales Associate

"MILLSAcupuncture offers excellent care that is person centered, specific and thoughtful. I want to offer my highest recommendation - thank you Dr. Aaron Mills for your exceptional and mindful care!!"

Lisa S. - Director of Hospice Care

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